Smart Building Consultancy

We render our services as energy experts to enable buildings to be more energy efficient through a combination of energy management systems, smart building controls, energy efficiency products as well as a unique & easy-to-implement Energy Conservation Measures (ECM).

Setting the Stage for Smart Living

Saving the world is a tough job. The Reneon Team does it on a daily basis, and thats the easy part. We make a commitment to make a difference every time, with every client. Its taken us some tweaking and learning but Reneon now has a well defined and proven methodology which places us as a premier energy consultant in the nation.


The world is waking up to energy conscious projects. Wether you are planning a community event or building a city from scratch, an energy consultant provides insight on creating a sustainable and cost effective method towards creating a clean energy environment.


A big part of what we do is creating solutions for energy costs and consequences. The energy efficient requirements of smart cities a combination of green technologies.


Predictive Analysis, Trending Reports and Real time notifications on easy to use software has made cost cutting in the industrial sector significant. Work with Reneon Engineers to create customised monitorings solutions that suit your industry needs.


As a premier Energy Expert in the nation, Reneon provides training & consulting. We are also available as an Energy Innovation Lab for discussions about R&D and Design.

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