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IVIS is our award winning cloud-based energy management platform that identifies wastages & in-efficient equipment usage in Small & Medium sized buildings. IVIS is hyper-localized, modular & customizable; combining easy-to-integrate hardware (power & water sensors, autonomous smart control) coupled with a cloud-based energy analytics platform with detailed visualizations. The "LEGO-block-like-design" allows IVIS to be customized (sensors, control systems) as well as include tailor-made reports, displays & alert customization for different clienteles. The analytics platform itself has various features including real-time visualizations, reports, statistics, e-mail alerts & scoreboard/gamification to assist the end users. IVIS also enables autonomous smart building control system integration.

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Design & Planning

The world is waking up to energy conscious projects. Wether you are planning a community event or building a city from scratch, an energy consultant provides insight on creating a sustainable and cost effective method towards creating a clean energy environment.

Urban Living

A big part of what we do is creating solutions for energy costs and consequences. The energy efficient requirements of smart cities a combination of green technologies.


Predictive Analysis, Trending Reports and Real time notifications on easy to use software has made cost cutting in the industrial sector significant. Work with Reneon Engineers to create customised monitorings solutions that suit your industry needs.

Energy Expert

As a premier Energy Expert in the nation, Reneon provides training & consulting. We are also available as an Energy Innovation Lab for discussions about R&D and Design.

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