Green Technologies & Energy Efficiency

We supply, provide installation and training services for energy efficient equipment which reduces overall energy consumption in a particular building or facility. Some of such energy efficient devices include voltage optimizers, power factor correction, maximum demand control and energy efficient lighting systems.

Reneon Green Technologies Services

Power Optimizer

  1. Suitable for High Input Voltage Buildings
  2. Savings vary from five to fifteen percent

LED Lights

  1. Suitable for Replacing High Powered Lights
  2. Savings vary from One to Ten Percent

Custom Technologies

Through our partnership with numerous suppliers and vendors, Reneon would also be able to source and supply tailor-made energy efficiency & green technology solutions that fit the end-users. Our goal is to assist the end-users to reduce their energy consumption with suitable solutions while optimizing their investment cost.

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IVIS Solution

Training & Briefing

Basic & Online

Energy Audit