Energy Management

We provide equipment and installation services for monitoring various electrical parameters of buildings and other facilities. Besides that, we also provide data collection services to collect information on the energy consumption of a particular building or facility, including electrical, mechanical and environmental-oriented data.

A holistic approach towards energy management, primarily through the following steps:

1) Preliminary Assessment of the Electricity Consumption at a Particular Building - Review of 6-12 months of utility bill - Site visit to the building
2) Installation of cloud-based energy monitoring solution with real-time update and alerts - Provides a better energy utilization outlook at the building - Report generation & alerts also allows the end-users to take proactive steps to manage their energy consumption
3) Detailed consultancy & proposed energy efficiency solutions - Suggest and propose Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) to be implemented by the end-users - Our energy efficiency plan will be broken down to low-cost measures, medium-cost measures & high-cost measures

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