About Reneon

Reneon Technologies Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2012 by a team of high-performing young entrepreneurs that envision a future whereby a more sustainable and accessible energy sector will be established throughout the region. We are an Electrical Engineering company which focuses on providing energy saving opportunities ranging from energy audit to complete energy efficiency solutions. Ever since our formation, we have been totally committed in our continuous efforts to provide the best and price-competitive products, energy system solutions and services to our clients. Total client satisfaction with continuing and repeat business and strong support from our partners are our top priority and driving focus in our existence.

Our Track Record

Reneon Technologies has completed over 50 projects across 10 different cities in Malaysia, ranging from commercial buildings(factories, F&B outlets, schools, offices, hotels, universities, police station, sales gallery) & residential buildings(condominium, bungalow houses)

Reneon Tech : Core Values

In our vision to be the paramount one-stop-centre for energy saving opportunities, we built the company around four crucial values:





The Reneon Tech Team

Our Expert Team can help you plan an efficient energy management strategy for your building or even city.

Ashwin Menon
Founder & Director

Ashwin has been the resident trouble-shooter and IT expert ever since the inception of the company. He has always been the biggest critique and supporter of this company while continuously offering creative solutions to technical and organizational problems that the team has faced. He is also an avid technologist and is constantly on the lookout for the latest development in the electronics and IT sector. In a gist he is the “hipster” in the team and continues to lead the cutting edge product development in Reneon Technologies.

Dinesh Selvamurthy

Graduating with top honours from the University of Nottingham, Dinesh has been on a fast-track to getting a corporate job at a leading strategic investment firm in Malaysia with projects in the energy, real estate & hospitality industries. However, he has always been entrepreneurial-oriented and took a stand to quit his stable job to follow his dream of shaping the energy management industry through Reneon Technologies. Ever since then, he has been the “hustler” in the team and continues to pursue each and every opportunity to grow the company

Saran Sithambaram
Chief Marketing Officer

Saran is the perfect example that it often takes more than a business degree or street smarts to market a tech product. Even though not from an engineering background , he strikes a perfect balance of technical and industry knowledge and adds on his own blend marketing experience which has helped Reneon easy to consume for almost anyone, not just engineers or techies.