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Energy Management

We provide equipment and installation services for monitoring various electrical parameters of buildings and other facilities. Besides that, we also provide data collection services to collect information on the energy consumption of a particular building or facility, including electrical, mechanical and environmental-oriented data.

Green Technologies & Energy Efficiency

We supply, provide installation and training services for energy efficient equipment which reduces overall energy consumption in a particular building or facility. Some of such energy efficient devices include voltage optimizers, power factor correction, maximum demand control and energy efficient lighting systems.

Smart Building Consultancy

We render our services as energy experts to enable buildings to be more energy efficient through a combination of energy management systems, smart building controls, energy efficiency products as well as a unique & easy-to-implement Energy Conservation Measures (ECM).

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Key Products

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Reneon has done over 50 projects all over the nation in various industries

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The recognition and awards Reneon has received as an innovator and energy expert

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Get To Know Ivis

IVIS is Reneon Tech's award winning energy monitoring system. It enables users to view real-time electricity consumption based upon data collected from an array of wireless sensors installed at the user's facility.

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